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Reviewer: RJOCL12 Anonymous
Date: 26 October 2005 - 12:25AM Title: Some Day My Prince Will Come

Allie, This is one of the best laughs I've had in a while! It's great! I loved the image of Snape the toad having to endure all this as Hope trys to cure him. I smell a sequel when she tells Fred & George at X-mas becuase you know she will! Robert

Reviewer: Willow Anonymous
Date: 26 October 2005 - 12:24AM Title: Some Day My Prince Will Come

brilliant! i couldnt hold the laughter in

Reviewer: Bart Anonymous
Date: 26 October 2005 - 12:21AM Title: Some Day My Prince Will Come

**MUST REMEMBER TO BREATHE** THAT was far too funny! A Toad, oh dear you are very bad, very funny, but very bad! now what lines to pick out, there are too many QUOTE “Croak!” exclaimed Professor Snape in horror. “Oh, Merlin!” breathed Hope. Toad Snape began hopping up and down in agitation, croaking frantically. Had he been human there was no doubt Hope would have been subjected to a sharply sarcastic lecture. start giggling QUOTE A significant amount of nothing happened. first snort of laughter Snape was not feeling in an obliging mood; his wide mouth remained firmly closed. “Do you want me to do this the hard way?” she asked. “Because I will, you know!” Snape shook his head. QUOTE “All right. But I did warn you.” Hope started to tickle the toad on it’s belly, her fingers unerringly finding a particularly sensitive spot. holds sides QUOTE “Didn’t think so. You have to think magically about this, Hope, not scientifically. How do you change back toads in our world?” see where this is going and grins evilly QUOTE That remark was greeted with a raucous round of ribbitting from the amphibian member of the group. falls off chair and at this point the breathing became a problem, brilliant, absolutely brilliant

Reviewer: b4zooka Jules Anonymous
Date: 26 October 2005 - 12:08AM Title: Some Day My Prince Will Come

Awesome job, Allie!! Made me giggle like crazy, I tell you. QUOTE To be honest, she’d rather be kissing a Dementor. At least then she wouldn’t remember it for the rest of her life. That line was absoloutely priceless - I totally let rip. The idea is wonderful though, especially with Hope's total panic at it. I don't know what Snape would be more horrified at, though - his worst student kissing him, his turning into a frog, or the fact he's had a bath. Either way, you did a great job. Be proud!

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